Sex, Dating, and Marriage

Moral Issues Bible Studies | Developed by a team of Chinese ministry staff, this series of bible studies touches issues on cohabitation, premarital sex, pornography, and online relationships. Available also in English.

The Design of Marriage | A three-page article introduces God’s design of marriage: how “marriage is not only a reflection of God’s relationship within himself, but his relationship with us.” It can be used for small group discussion or one-on-one discipleship to talk about purity and intimacy.

Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage | An insightful book offers practical instructions as well as biblical perspectives on how to have a successful marriage according to the Bible. Check out the Chinese Version.

Philip and Rhonda Voon Secrets to Successful Marriage | A seminar on marriage. The speakers share how they learn to love each other and love God more through their 35-year marriage.


Parents and Family Relationships

Peter Liu, Honor Parents Biblically | Respected speaker and author Elder Peter Liu explores the fifth commandment and the promise comes with is (Exodus 20:12) and offers practical suggestions to Chinese Christians on how to follow God’s command to honor their parents in today’s society.

Jeanette Yep and other authors, Following Jesus without Dishonoring Your Parents | Family expectations sometimes seems conflict with Bible’s teachings on following Jesus. Though the book was initially written for Asian American Christians, the wisdom and perspective on how to honor our parents in Asian culture still applicable to today’s Chinese students.

Family Life | FamilyLife’s ministry website that offers articles and resources on marriage and relationships. Check out their Chinese website.

Building Happy and Blessed Families | You can encourage students to subscribe to this official account on WeChat (ID: build-blessed-family). It posts articles on marriage, family, and relationships regularly.

Work and Other Life Issues

Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor | Tim Keller discusses questions about work today with biblical wisdom—how excellence, integrity, discipline, creativity, and passion in the workplace can be viewed as our acts of worship and our service to God and to others. Check out the Chinese version.

Integrity | Another study from the Moral Issue Bible Studies, offering biblical references and life examples to help students understand the importance of integrity. It’s one of the challenges students often face in school and in workplace: how to navigate the cultural norms while living out their Christian faith. Also available in English.

Finance Lessons | You can encourage students to sign up for these free lessons on financial stewardship here: two lessons on biblical perspectives on money, three lessons on financial management, and five lessons on loans and debts. The study aims to help students to grow their understanding of biblical stewardship and to trust God to provide for their needs. In Chinese only.

Xinshengming | A Chinese website includes great variety of resources for both seekers and believers. It offers insightful articles that are relevant to today’s students, such as eating disorder, drug addiction, and abortion.