Blog | Blogs on our website were written by Chinese or Americans who are very familiar with the Chinese culture. They gave you insights into the Chinese world, such as relationships, hospitality, holidays, and as well as their spirituality.    

Glen Osborn & Daniel B. Su, China In Our Midst | This book combines research and rich personal stories to give you insights, tips and encouragements to engage Chinese students, to understand where they come from, and to journey with them spiritually.

Video: Channel C  | Channel C is a video series started by three Chinese international students at UW-Madision. What started as an effort to encourage better integration of Chinese students on campus has blossomed into a YouTube channel. It has humorous and yet insightful videos on life of Chinese students on campus, covering diverse topics such as cultural differences, Chinese names, academic and dating life. These videos will help you better understand the culture and the struggles of your Chinese friends on campus.

Video: The Three Teachings | The Three Teachings Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism have been a backbone of Chinese society and culture since the bronze age. The Three teachings are still intertwined strongly with today’s China. This video gives you a brief introduction of what each teaching is and how it has shaped Chinese culture.

Video: Is China an Atheist Country? | You often hear Chinese students say that they are atheists. What does that mean in Chinese context? What are the spiritual backgrounds of Chinese students? This video will give you some insights.

The Jesus Film | Based on the Gospel of Luke, this two-hour film about the life of Jesus can be viewed online in virtually any language, including Mandarin and many other Chinese dialects. Also available as a mobile app.

Global Short Film Network | Short films that are translated or contextualized to the Chinese audience with engaging and thought provoking questions for discussion.

321 | An interesting gospel presentation in the form of a brief video about God, the world, and you: God is 3 persons united in love. The world is shaped by 2 representatives. You are 1 with Adam; be 1 with Jesus. A three-week study is also available (no translation, though), with accompanying videos.

Falling Plates | An evangelistic video about life, death, and love. The Chinese version is here (see sidebar). |  WeChat account: xinshengmingyesu; An evangelistic website with articles answering common questions regarding faith. It is a good source to be able to share with your friends. In the website, there is a study called the spiritual adventure and someone can sign up for it. It helps answer some of the questions most non-believers have.


Issues I face| stories of young people who have faced many similar issues you students are facing, i.e. depression and searching for belongings, and who have found hope and healing in Jesus. English version is here.

Heart Mirror | A set of 50 high-quality images tailored to those from a Chinese background (see image in sidebar). Together with the provided questions, these images can help you enter into and explore the lives around you by conjuring up associations and opening avenues for meaningful discussion. Packaged as a deck of cards, it is a fun and engaging way to get to know your friends better and begin to enter into their spiritual journey. Order here. And for tips on how to use Heart Mirror, check out the training video for Soularium (the English counterpart to Heart Mirror).

Perspective Cards | A deck of cards (also available for free download as a smartphone app) designed to help facilitate conversations that will help you and a friend or two understand one another’s worldviews better. Fun and informal, these cards can guide you through a non-threatening, yet revealing conversation. We hope to offer the Chinese version in the near future, so continue to check back!