Vision 2023

The Vision Conference is a 5-day journey for international college students and their American friends, hosted by Bridges International. We gather daily for energetic meetings with live music and engaging speakers to investigate life’s deepest questions. Together, with the Bible as our guide, we will explore what it means to belong in relationship with God and other people. We will also discover a new American city through touring and fun activities. Vision is a great place to make new friends and deepen current friendships. Join us in Denver from December 28, 2022 – January 1, 2023!

The Chinese Track

What does it truly mean to be KNOWN? We all want people to notice us, to really understand us. We all want to be KNOWN for who we truly are and still loved. We all want to know others in the same way. We will explore these ideas and more together at the Chinese Track of the Vision Conference.

The Chinese Track is a safe space where international students and scholars from China can explore more about themselves, and about Jesus, all in a familiar cultural context. The track will be mostly in Mandarin, so participants will feel more comfortable to engage fully. We will hear from Chinese speakers that understand the challenges of living in both America and China. They will share the struggles they have faced in their lives as well as their journey of knowing God. It will also be a place to build friendships that last for a lifetime! We will laugh together and create fun, lasting memories!

The Chinese Track is made up of a community of students and scholars from China (and Americans that love China). It is an awesome opportunity for students to be with others that have similar stories, that understand their unique place in life, and want to know them. Each day we will participate in small discussion groups with friends and mentors so that we are to able to share and grow together!

Interested in finding out more? Check out the details, and even register to participate here.