Summer Missions


The Summer Missions with Bridges International facilitate the development of spiritual character through the experience of building a spiritual movement on campus. Participants will receive intensive training and teaching, personal mentoring, and practical ministry experience on campus. Currently, there are three options for Summer Missions — Boston, East Asia, and Central Asia. Click on the links below for more detailed information:




If New York is the commercial capital of the US, and Washington, D.C. is its political capital, then Boston is the intellectual capital. Headlined by Harvard and MIT, Boston is home to over 53,000 international students and scholars. The ten-day summer mission will be spent reaching out to these students, as well as cultivating personal spiritual growth.



While long boasting a venerable history and treasured cultural heritage, East Asia has, in recent decades, become a major player in the new global economy. Participants will return to the East to engage with the people and culture during this two-week trip.


I learned fast how God works! I was nervous and had many worries (about sharing my faith). I explained the Gospel to a friend, and she received Christ! God prepared everything. I learned to trust Him step by step.


undergraduate student, Santa Barbara College

Participants will learn more about their faith and how to express it to others. It’s our desire that students develop both in skill and character. Whether you are just beginning or have some experience in your spiritual journey, the Chinese Trek will help produce life change!

Sharing the Message – Whether or not they have expressed your faith to others, participants will gain perspective and develop skill. They will learn the “Co-Journer” approach to evangelism so that you can effectively enter another person’s spiritual journey. They’ll be exposed to cutting edge ministry tools and use them with international students on campus.

Learning from a Mentor – Each student has the privilege of having a staff member serve as a spiritual mentor on the Trek. The staff member will model ministry as you engage with students on campus. Staff will challenge students to grow in their Christian faith. They will help participants develop a plan so for returning and serving effectively on campus. Though the time together will be brief, staff and students often form a lasting bond!

Growing Deeper – The Trek will help you more fully understand and experience God’s presence in your life. We trust you will encounter God through daily worship, prayer and devotions. We invite you to consider the issues of your heart that can enhance or hinder lasting change.


One of the highlights for Summer Mission participants is to experience authentic community with like-minded believers. Through living together in campus housing, students have many interactions with the one another, as well as with staff members.

Living Together – Since everyone lives together during the Trek, there is opportunity to develop close friendships. The Trek provides a safe environment for sharing and caring for one another. Participants will have a partner with whom they will pray with every day. On the Summer Mission, each student will share his or her story, so that we we all hear how God has worked in and through people’s lives.

Working Together – The Summer Mission is staff-directed, student-led. The staff members provide direction to student teams for certain areas of the Trek, such as for outreach, socials, worship, service, and prayer. Having students serve on these teams provide a sense of ownership. Students actively plan and implement certain activities on the Summer Mission.

The highlight for me was the relationships with brothers and sisters. I learned so much from them.


alumna, Boston University


Every day on the Trek was a highlight. I loved so many things!


undergraduate student, Purdue University

The Chinese Trek is a blast!

Seeing a New World – Students will have opportunity to travel to a new place and see many new things. Most of the fun is not just what we do, but how we do it!

Making Great Memories – Students might do some things for the first time, such as exploring your personality type or participating in a creative game. Participants should be sure to bring a camera to reflect upon the wonderful times.

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