Christianity Explained | A time-tested six-week study that (like the similarly named Christianity Explored) is based on the Gospel of Mark. The format can be used in small groups, but is equally well-suited for one-on-one contexts. The Chinese version can be purchased or downloaded here.

Foundations for Faith | This bilingual Bible study resource is an eight-part series with two lessons on each of the following questions: (1) What is God like according to the Bible? (2) If God exists, why is the world in this imperfect condition? (3) What did God do about our problem? (4) Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

Exploring The Bible | This 14-week Bible study guide is designed for international students and visiting scholars (who may speak English only as their second or third language). It assumes no biblical background, so it can be used with those studying the Bible for the first time. It has definitions of words, background notes, and explanations of idioms.

Discovery Bible Study | This is an easy-to-use tool that includes topics, verses, and a discussion format you can use to help students begin to understand the message of the Bible. This series covers the core message of the Gospel. Contact us to receive a copy.