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Death is a topic that Chinese tend to avoid. It is believed to bring bad luck if you talk much about it. The idea of death brings out uncertainty; it brings out fear towards the unknown. However, last week, Chinese had to face the death of two people; one is the leading host on China Central TV (CCTV), Li Yong, and the other is the famous novelist Jin Yong. They both have influenced this generation of Chinese students significantly, and the later one has influenced several generations of Chinese. One might say Jin Yong's passing away at the age of 94 is a natural thing. But what about Li Yong, who died of cancer at the age of 50? Many of my Chinese friends expressed their shock on wechat moments upon learning this news. Many grew up watching his shows and the Chinese New Year Gala he once emceed. He was such a lively host and it was just like yesterday. but today he is gone. What is death? What will happen to a person after his death? Is death an end? These might be questions your Chinese friends have these days. ... See MoreSee Less

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