Digital Tools

The Jesus Film | Based on the Gospel of Luke, this two-hour film about the life of Jesus can be viewed online in virtually any language, including Mandarin and many other Chinese dialects. Also available as a mobile app.

Global Short Film Network | Short films that are translated or contextualized to the Chinese audience with engaging and thought provoking questions for discussion.

321 | An interesting gospel presentation in the form of a brief video about God, the world, and you: God is 3 persons united in love. The world is shaped by 2 representatives. You are 1 with Adam; be 1 with Jesus. The Chinese version is here (see sidebar). A three-week study is also available (no translation, though), with accompanying videos.

Falling Plates | An evangelistic video about life, death, and love. The Chinese version is here (see sidebar). |  WeChat account: xinshengmingyesu; An evangelistic website with articles answering common questions regarding faith. It is a good source to be able to share with your friends. In the website, there is a study called the spiritual adventure and someone can sign up for it. It helps answer some of the questions most non-believers have. | This Chinese website has various videos on different topics related to faith, for example, purpose of life, family, career and marriage, It also has testimonies of Chinese believers on their spiritual journey. A similar English website is also available.  

Wechat Accounts: OverseasCampus and ijingjie | These two accounts send out articles written by Chinese believers from all walks of life. Some of them are testimonies; some are apologetics; some are relating the Gospel to the current events and culture. They may be able to help your friends see how Christians from their own culture view the world around them.