Christianity Explored |  A seven-week study on the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Mark. The course is typically studied in groups, with a format of looking at the Bible together and asking questions of it, watching a brief video clip relating to the passage, and discussing the video, often after having shared a meal. The course comes with a study guide as well as a DVD.

Story of a Kingdom | From the original website: “The Story of a Kingdom explains the Bible in a simple and understandable format, especially for those who have English as a second (or third) language. The material arose from Bible studies with International students at an Irish University.” The Chinese version is available for download.

Christianity Explained | A time-tested six-week study that (like the similarly named Christianity Explored) is based on the Gospel of Mark. The format can be used in small groups, but is equally well-suited for one-on-one contexts. The Chinese version can be purchased or downloaded here.

Foundations for Faith | This bilingual Bible study resource is an eight-part series with two lessons on each of the following questions: (1) What is God like according to the Bible? (2) If God exists, why is the world in this imperfect condition? (3) What did God do about our problem? (4) Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?