Do you have a friend who is returning to China, or are you yourself preparing to return? What does he or she think about what life will be like in China after studying in the U.S. for a few years? Does this make him/her nervous? Excited? A little bit of both? We want to help you assist them to return successfully!

One helpful resource is Overseas Campus Ministry’s Returnee Handbook (Chinese, Kindle version). It covers topics like preparing for the return through spiritual growth and equipping in truth, possible difficulties after the return, adjusting to the work environment, spiritual growth and service after the return, as well as others. The trial version (in both English and Chinese) can be downloaded here for a suggested donation of $3 per download to Overseas Campus Ministries. is another helpful resource; it is a place to help connect Chinese Christians who have been studying in the U.S. with a fellowship or house church back in China. We desire that those Chinese Christians who have enjoyed Christian community here in the States would continue to grow in their walk with the Lord when they return home. Taking a just couple of minutes to go to the website and fill out the form 3-6 months before their scheduled return date will allow us time to find connections for them in China and possibly connect with you over the phone or by email to answer any questions you may have. Don’t worry! We won’t spam you or sell your contact information! The website is secure and your personal information is safe.

After the forms are submitted we will make contact with you and your friend with next steps, and will do our best to connect them with a Christian fellowship in China. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out these forms!


一个有帮助的资源是海外校园出版的《海归手册》(中文,Kindle 版)。本书内的主题包括归国前的灵命成长与真理装备、回国后可能遭遇的难题、回国后适应工作环境、归国后的灵命成长和事奉及其他重要主题。《海归手册》试用本的英文和中文版都可以在这儿下载,海外校园建议为每份奉献三美元。 是另外一个有帮助的资源,因为它可以帮助你(在美国留学的中国基督徒)回国后和中国的家庭教会或团契连接。我们知道你在美国有基督徒的群体,我们想要你回国后继续跟随神,与神同行,继续成长。我们知道你很忙,但是如果你可以在你回国前3-6个月去网站填好表,会帮助我们有更多时间可以帮你联系国内的基督徒,让你们可以回国前通过电话或邮件和他们取得联系,问你想问的问题。别担心,这个网站很安全,你个人的信息将会得到很好的保护。


Sending Pad Requirements

1. Student must be returning in 3-6 months. If the student has already returned to China you can submit a form, but we cannot guarantee he or she will be followed up.

2. Student must be a Christian.

3. We would like you, the mentor, and the student as well to fill out a form on, separately.