Developing Your New Relationship with God | A bilingual seven-lesson series produced by China Outreach Ministries designed to cover the basics of the Christian life with a new believer.

Christian Character Bible Studies | Eight lessons on basic topics: justification, the lordship of Christ, temptations, holiness, self-image, humility, and patience. Available only in Chinese.

Christian Living Bible Studies | Eight lessons on varied topics: social justice, the church, missions, guidance, worship, tithing, quiet times, and prayer. Available only in Chinese.

Overseas Campus Ministry biblical book studies | Suitable for personal study or for use in a small group, these studies produced by Overseas Campus Ministry focus on a particular book of the Bible. Studies include: Ruth, the Gospel of Luke, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, 2 Timothy, and Revelation (chs. 1-3). Chinese only.

Chinese Scholar Training Materials | Produced by Overseas Campus Ministry, this series of materials is quite extensive. It includes series on faith, the Bible, theology, ministry, life, as well others. For the most part, each series is divided into seven parts, with each part containing eight lessons (a lesson typically being an article a few pages long with questions for discussion at the end). Exclusively in Chinese.

CoJourners Devotional | A 28-day evangelism-focused devotional that aims to provide biblical motivation and for sharing Christ with friends and acquaintances.