Returnee Roundtable

The Chinese cleverly refer to students who have studied abroad for a number of years and are returning to China as “sea turtles.” In Mandarin, sea turtle (海龟, haigui) is, after all, a homophone of a phrase meaning “return across the sea” (海归, haigui). Marine reptile puns aside, what’s really required for those Chinese international students who are preparing to return to China? And in particular, how can they maintain a vibrant faith in the midst of a very different spiritual climate? These are among the questions we’ll explore during the Returnee Roundtable.

The Returnee Roundtable is an intimate weekend forum designed to prepare sea turtles to be (that is, returning Chinese) for transitioning back into life and work in China. Some reports have estimated that as few as 15-25% of Chinese believers continue in their faith journey after returning to China. The challenges are great, and the conflict they face may be intense. We want to help every Chinese Christian student who returns to China not merely to survive, but to thrive spiritually. And we want them to be able to have a spiritual impact on others as well. This desire is at the heart of the Returnee Roundtable.

The Roundtable will offer opportunity for reflection and interaction on a number of key issues like God’s plan for the return home, reverse culture shock, relating to parents and family, connecting with the body of Christ, and living out Christian faith in society and in the workplace. Ample time will be given for discussion and collaboration, as well as an exploration of how to apply the issues and principles discussed. One past participant summed it up this way: “This experience helped me realize the situation in China and gave me confidence in sharing my faith with my family and friends, step by step.”

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Quick Details


March 4 to 6, 2016

For Chinese Christian students who will be returning to China in 2016

$50, not including the cost of travel.

One weekend — arrive on Friday afternoon, depart on Sunday afternoon